Question: I bought my own (insert auto part here), will you install it for me?

Answer: No.  While I understand your motivation (we all want to save money, right?), I won’t install parts purchased elsewhere.  The reason is multi-faceted.  Most importantly to the customer there are warranty issues.  If  I install a brand new part that you furnished me and it’s bad right out of the box, or it fails prematurely, you have to pay me to replace  it again.  There’s no warranty on installation of parts purchased elsewhere!   The only exception to the no installation of parts purchased elsewhere rule is “custom parts”. If you have something “special” you’d like installed on your vehicle, I’d be glad to do it. However, the “no warranty” rule applies.

Question: I took my car to the dealer for some warranty work and the service manager told me he noticed I had an after market oil filter on my car and that if  I didn’t use the manufacturers filter I would void my warranty, is this true?

Answer: No.  According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, if a manufacturer requires the use of a particular part to maintain a warranty that part must be provided “at no charge”.  If the service manager tells you he already replaced your filter, tell him “Thanks for the free  filter!”.

Question: Do you do body work?

Answer: No.  That’s an entirely different type of repair work than what we do here.  It requires a completely different set of permits, not to mention tools.

Question: How do you determine labor charges?

Answer: We use a “labor guide” which is published by ALLDATA wherein a particular repair is assigned a value based on the amount of time in which a competent mechanic could complete the repair.    For example, if the labor guide says it should take and hour and a half to replace your water pump, at Sebring Garage your labor charge will be for an hour and a half of labor.    Whether it takes five minutes, five days, or an hour and a half  to complete the repair, barring unforeseen complications like broken bolts, etc..