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Dan Sebring

Dan Sebring

Welcome to Sebring Garage!

To quote Joel Hyatt, “Somewhere along the way, a great idea got lost.”.  The idea that starting your own small business was to provide something better.  Something better for your customers,
something better for the neighborhood, and something better for yourself.

You read about it, and you see it on TV all the time.  Mechanics who perform unnecessary repairs, service managers who use scare tactics, and shop owner’s who’s only interest is lining their own pockets.  I had worked for these kinds of people since I was a teenager.  In 1993 I finally decided I’d had enough!  I found an old vacant service station, purchased it, and committed myself to building the kind of auto repair business that I thought and auto repair business should be.  I won’t fix it if it isn’t broken, I won’t charge you based on how much money I happen to need on a particular day, and if you need repairs that I am unable to perform for any reason, I’ll tell you that you would be better served to take you vehicle to someone who is.  My reputation speaks for itself…But don’t take my word for it.  Ask someone who’s been to Sebring Garage.

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